7 lessons from Marcus Aurelius



-When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

Hello, this is Achilles and the topic of today is 7 lessens from Marcus Aurelius. This topic is based on the Meditation book by Marcus Aurelius. Marcus Aurelius was Roma Emperor from 161 to 180. He was a stoic philosopher and he is known for one of the best emperor of all time. Marcus Aurelius thoughts and his book Meditation are still studied even today after almost 2000 years, you can find his mark everywhere in history. I read his amazing book and I picked up 7 of his best lessons for life, I hope you enjoy it.


Be moderate, grateful, honest and calm

It’s not what you feel but what you do that make you happy or miserable in life. Your action is based on what you value in life. Marcus Aurelius recommend you to gain these four form of attitude.

Moderate: To be moderate means to consider both sides of life, to not seeing life as only black or only white. To be more in peaceful and in the center of life.

grateful: appreciate other for the work, service or help they offer you and let them know you are thankful by your word and action. Gratitude makes both your and other’s heart warm and feel better.

Honestly: “If it is not right do not do it; if it is not true do not say it.”
The beauty of your true self appears when you are honest and authentic. Instead of hiding, break out and show your unique self. It’s easy to act as other and tell lies, but to tell truth and be truthfully is an art form.

Calmness: Remain calm in every moment of life, in misery, happiness, fear or anxiety. Calmness make life easy and let you make wiser decisions in different situation of life.


Expect nothing or expat everything

If you expect good events, expect bad event too or if you don’t expect bad event, don’t expect good event either. One of the reason for your anger and suffering in life is your expectation. You have some sort of expectations from your friends, family and generally your life. The moment your expectations do not fitting reality, you will become angry, frustrated or depressed, like when someone close to you die or a close friend stab you in your back. In this case you didn’t expect death or betrayed, therefore it appear as a bad event and it made you feel disappointed or sad. But if you did expect these sorts of event, they would not bother you. Sett the right expectation in life and you will be fine.

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Act as it’s your last moment of life

The past does not exist any longer and the future may never come, therefore you should live in the present and enjoy every moment of it. Living and dying, honor and infamy, leisure and pain, riches and poverty all these are common to the virtuous and the depraved, and naturally none of them are neither good or evil. But let your actions be done with dignity, gravity, humanity, freedom and justice, let every action be done as though it were your last.


Hold humanity alive in yourself

Marcus Aurelius saw humanity as a part of human’s soul, he described disconnecting from humanity as cutting one of your own limbs. Humanity is what make us people human and different from other individuals. Because we have these high values like, love, peace, freedom, Intelligence, equality, justice or happiness, without these values we are nothing more than bones and flesh. Some people give up on humanity when they face toughness, difficulty or evil events in life, don’t be one of them and don’t let it affect you anymore than your cursing the spring affects the springtime.

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Control you mind & emotion

You should always be aware of the feelings and the reasons behind your actions. The easy way to control your mind is asking and answering to yourself. Ask yourself why do you take this action, what is the purpose behind your action, is that because you are bored, sad or angry? If you are angry, be aware of it in the first step, then ask yourself why you are angry? Give yourself a reasonable answer and then tell yourself to calm down, decisions which are made in your anger or hard feeling, make you only to regret it afterward. You should understand that whatever happened in your life is natural & neutral but it’s your reaction to these event make them either good or bad.


Look inside for solution

Whatever action and decision we make in life such as chasing money, fame, social status, sex, security, luxury etc, has one reason, pursuing of happiness and joy. In fact, happiness only exists inside your mind. For instance, you can’t enjoy luxury or fame if your mind is not calm. You should look at your inner self to find out who you really are, what your values are or what you really want to do during your time in life. Look inside and accept yourself and your existence, and love yourself, so no one has to. Also by doing daily meditation, you will gain peace of mind and emotion stability.


Find your purpose

action is the end of your being. Look upon the plants and birds, the ants, spiders and bees, and you will see that they are all exerting their nature and busy in their station. Shall not a human act like a human? As your eyes are meant to see, as your ears are made to hear and as your nose is supposed to smell, there is also a purpose behind your existence, and that what make your life worth living for, so find your purpose and live with it, otherwise your life will be empty and meaningless.


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