You will never have enough

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Just a little bit more

    ⏤    John D. Rockefeller

                            When asked how much is enough


Hello This Achilles and the topic of today is You will never have Enough. No matter how much money you make over a week, a month or a year, it’s “not enough”. If only you had xxxx $ or that car, that house, that guy or that girl, then you would be happy. Once you get what you desire, you want it even more, bigger, faster and better. Why is that and what should you do? The answer is your wanting mind and heartfelt. The goal of this article is to aware you of your unconscious chooses and your mindset towards money.


People tends to believe that they are going to be happier if they become richer, have just a little bit more money or get this and that. If I compare your life to a nineteenth monarch, you are probably relatively wealthy. You can travel to almost anywhere you want at 50 times the speed of the monarchs fastest horses. You have more than the monarch could even imagine, access to unlimited information, technology, education, food, security, freedom etc. Still deep down you want something more. No matter what our circumstances are, our minds tend to promise us falsely that happiness is just beyond having bigger house, more money, more wealth  and so on, if that were true, we would be unbelievably happy by now?

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Human use a lot of time just wanting, it’s a natural force made by our brain and the reason for it’s existence is to strategize and fight for a different/better future. Wanting mind takes us out of the present moment and attempts to make us happy in some better tomorrow. Regardless of whether its promises of happiness are actually true or not, we remain its slave and spend our life chasing its images. All being in nature have a biological imperative to survive, as an example, a tree grows toward whatever available sunlight or a child screams until he is fed, and actually we need this mechanism. Our unconscious mind is programmed to always seek comfort and security in order to survive and when we desire something, it’s because we believe that thing will give us more happiness or security somehow. In fact, we can’t get out something we want out of our mind until we get it. The wanting forces us to buy a new car every two year, buy new fashion or fitness items and so so on even though we don’t need it. There is nothing wrong to have these desires, only that it undermines our enjoyment of the present moment and only stimulate us to want more.

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This is the logical formula of wanting mind:

Goals + Resource = happiness 

If you look at your own and your friends experiences, you will find that the real formula is:

Goals + Resource = Bigger Goals + More resources= Even Bigger Goals= Even More Resources

 and on and on it goes.

The primary pleasure we experience is when we get something we want and once we get it our wanting stops, and again we want it even more to experience the same pleasure. We should stop endless wanting and enjoy our present moment and be thankful for what we have. Wanting mind has cost you a lot in term of financially, physically and emotionally, just think about.


There is something called heartfelt goals which is much different than wanting mind’s desires. The following text point out some important distinction to understand the different better.

The wanting minds desires

  • Predominantly self-concerned
  • Usually requiring more financial resources than you can reasonably expect or an unrealistically short time frame
  • Accompanied by childlike urgency
  • Comparative or competitive: desires often feel like “should” imposed by family, friends, or culture
  • Insatiable: as soon as one desire is satiated, the mind is onto a new one

Heartfelt Goals

  • Usually include benefits to other
  • Realistic and achievable
  • Characterized by patience
  • Originating from the inside: self-referenced
  • A sense of profound
    “I have to do it before I die”
    it will last longer this way


If you do not take time to distinguish between desires and heartfelt goals, you will remain in the prison of your mind wanting more. On the other hand if you are willing to control your unconscious mind, you will make smarter decisions and gain peace of mind. Your heartfelt goals are the ones which make you truly  happy and enjoy your life. Opposite the wanting mind’s desires, the heartfelt goals comes from inside, like meditation, helping other or following your passion.


The following text is a valuable exercise with an example to distinguish your heartfelt goals from wanting mind’s desires. To solve a problem, first you have to recognise it and be aware of it. Just being conscious of  our wanting mind and how it works is the first steps to breaking of its grip. In the future postes I will write more about the techniques that will enable you to experience that wonderful sensation quite independently of your external circumstances. Until that have an amazing time.

What are your heartfelt goals?

Get a blank sheet of paper and for next three minutes, write down as many desires, dreams and goals you have in mind. Be honest with yourself and sensor nothing.    Do this step before you read on.

An example of mine:

  1. Be a millionaire
  2. Have sex with lot of beautiful women
  3. Finding my ultimate life purpose
  4. True happiness
  5. enlightenment through meditation
  6. Have fun (party, festival, drinking)
  7. travelling around the world
  8. Gain incredible wisdom
  9. Buying my own jet
  10. World class pianist
  11. Being ultimate healthy
  12. A new car
  13. Make world a better place

Now take another sheet and divide it from middle between wanting mind’s desires on the left side and heartfelt goals on the right side. Based on your own wisdom and the pervious description of wanting mind and heartfelt goals, put your desires and goals in the correct side. You can also close your eyes and imagine like you have achieved your dreams already. Imagine how it feels, what’s the smell like, the kind of  feeling you have etc. If you feel completely calm and happy, it’s a heartfelt goals, otherwise it’s a desire caused by wanting mind.

Heartfelt Goals

  • True happiness
  • Enlightenment through meditation
  • Travelling around the world
  • Gain incredible wisdom
  • World class pianist
  • Being ultimate healthy
  • Make world a better place

The wanting minds desires

  • Be a millionaire
  • Have sex with a lot of beautiful women
  • A new car
  • Have fun (party, festival, drinking)
  • Buying my own jet

Now you are more clear about your goals and dream. The wanting mind’s desires  are endless and it’s never enough while the heartfelt goals give you enjoyment of the moment and make your truly happy.


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