Don’t Trust your friends too much

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– To have a good enemy choose a friend, he knows where to strike

Hi, this is Achilles and and the topic of today is Don’t trust your Friends too much. Be careful with your friends. They will betray you at the speed of light, for they’re easily stimulate to envy. However, hire an enemy and he will be more trustable than your friend, because he has more to prove.


The story of Michael III , True story

In the mid-ninth century A.D a young prince named Michael III find himself granted the throne of Byzantine Empire. Michael was surrounded by murderers, covetous and degenerates. In this time of peril, he chose to trust his best friend Basilius and made him his councillor. They met few years ago, when Michael was visiting the royal stables, and just as a wild horse got loose on him. Basilius who was a young horse trainer, stock and saved Michaels life. Michael was impressed by his courage and strength. They became unseparated best friends and Michael loaded Basilius with gifts, favours, doubled and tripled his salary and gave him the most astounding positions, even married him to his sister, who else was better than him? After many years Basilius became the real head of army and had enormous influence. Michael faced a finance crisis and ask his best friend Basilius to pay back some of the money he had borrowed over the past years. To Michael’s shock, Basilius refused with a look such as impudence that Michael realized immediately the monster he had grown in his sleeve, however it was too late. By now Basilius had more power, wealth and alliance than the emperor Michael. Weeks later, after a heavy drinking night Michael find himself surrounded by his own soldiers. Basilius watched and smiled while they stabbed the emperor to death. Basilious became the new emperor, he rode on his horse through the streets, brandishing the head of his former benefactor, best friend at the end of a long pike. The emperor loosed his head to the stables boy because of his blind trust…


Being stabbed by a knife on back by your friends will cause you extremely more pain than the sword of your enemies. Be constantly aware of other’s influence on yourself. Do you recognize people who has a lot influence on your life and your decisions? Do you know what kind of impact do they have on you, positive or negative? Conscious or unconscious your close friends, partner, family members have a lot of impact on you and they play an important role on shaping you and your life. The possibilities of turning these people against you is much more possible and real than your could even imagine. Once you act against their interest, they will easily forget your favours and betray you.


You have to analyse and distinguish your great friends from the terrible ones, and remember a good friend can easily turn to a hidden enemy. Your relations may seem very lovely and friendly, but once you obtain an important position or have any kind of treasure, you will be superised  by attitude of the same people. Stay alert and pay attention to people around yourself, look at their behaviours now and then. Be aware of people with jealousy, envy, greedy, ingratitude, manipulative or oppressive behaviours. These are the sights of a friend who are ready to attack you so damn quickly when the opportunity arrives. Don’t become blind by the affection of your relations.  These people are the ones who put you down, destroy your self-steem, give you awful guidance, smile to your face but badmouth you when you turn yourself.


Your real friends behave opposite that. Your true friends are the ones with honesty, gratitude, knowledgeable, caring and gentle behaviours toward you.  They are the one who stand beside you when everyone disappears and when you find yourself surrounded by troubles and crises. They aware you of your bad behaviours and praise your goodness, and at the same time they tell other about all your good sides. Your good friends do not request you to frequently help them out, in fact they’re voluntary interest to do you a favour.  They don’t manipulate you or don’t try to trick you. They are the ones who motivate you and lead your life toward a positive direction. These kind of friends are rarely around, appreciate their existence in your life, if you have one.

american-ghoul-04 (2).jpg

You should always test your friends, and trust me it worth it thousand times. If you are going to spend months and years with someone, let them put their foot in to your world, knowing your secrets and have influence over your critical desiccations in life, then you need to know if they deserve it. Unfortunately, the best and easy way to test your friends is money. Humans behaviour toward money, tell you a lot about their personality.  Barrow your friend a valuable amount of money and pay very close attention to the details of his behaviours afterwards. Does he ignore the subject of borrowing money? is he less available to you now? Does he tells you lies about how he can’t pay you back right now? Do you feel any kind of arrogant or ingratitude act? Or no he comes soon back to you and gives you back your money with a thankful attitude? Actions speak loudly for themselves. This way you will know them very well.


Maybe you will say that you have no enemies and only good friends. If it’s the case, then again take a close look to these moments when you had a great need for your friends and try to remember how many of your friends jump into helping you?! Surely not so many. If you have no enemies, then you are doing something wrong. Either you are a weak person who please everyone to not upset them or you’re living in a fantasy life where you believe everyone is your friend and no one will harm you.

Silhouettes of the king and queen

In my personal life I have been deceived more than once by people who I truly loved or the ones I had confidence in. Don’t trust so much that it becomes your weakness. People will replay much faster and effectively to an injury than a benefit, because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure, And you learn these lessons of life in a harsh way. I really hope this article has been and become helpful to you in real life. Gladly share this article if you like it and drop a comment if you have any opinion or question.


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