Going on an Adventure


Hello, this is Achilles and this topic is Going on an Adventure. Traveling around the world is just amazing.  You go out there, visit mother nature, discover new places, make some insane memories for your life time, meet new people and just live your life.  My need for a new adventure has grown dramatically lately. It has been a couple of weeks that I have been contemplating about traveling around Europe and visit countries like, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Therefore, I’m planning a long road trip around Europe with some friends.


Travelling is like going on an adventure or a journey. You escape from your comfort-zone and go through the jungle, cross the ocean, claim mountains, meet new people, you may face some difficulties and challenges and so on, and towards the end of the story, you pack your bags and go back home with thousands of memories, moments and stories on your back and more importantly, a new version of yourself. I love travelling because I gain new experiences, perspective of life, and at the same time it challenges my boundaries and it makes me more edgy. I personally don’t like having a too safe journey, I prefer it to be challenging, dangerous and different. I have learned great lessons by travelling around, I have learned about people and world and specially about myself, close to that, my level of confidence and happiness has increased greatly.


There are two other purposes behind my decision to travel. The first one is inspiration and ideas. I want to be more creative, productive and have a completely different view of the world, and at the same time be more like a musician, artist and poet. I will need inspiration and ideas in order to make my inner-artist’s source richer. By going out there, seeing arts, creatures, the nature, experiencing all kinds of feelings and explore the world, I will gain all I require, a combination of feelings, ideas, views, moments and memories.


The other reason is to increase my spiritual sense, to get in touch with my inner-self and my soul. If I get lost into daily tasks day by day, year by year and then forget the higher purpose and meaning of life, I reduce myself to a machine of picayune. I’m not a robot, Tasks are important, but these daily tasks do not grow your love, freedom, or full consciousness. But travel will do it, just remember the last time you were on vacation or traveling, Do you remember the feeling you had? Didn’t you feel more like yourself? Didn’t you feel happy? Didn’t you live more in the moment and felt more free? Yes you did, because you were more in touch with your authentic self and your soul. Being with yourself will increase your awareness of true meaning of life.


Now I’m very excited to talk more about the trip itself! There are not only one, but many destinations in our way and the reason is to experience, increase quantity of places to visit, have more fun and get out the best quality possible of the trip.


After packing and getting everything ready, we are going to take the Colorline ship from Kristiansand to Alborg, Denmark. I’m sure no one of us has any desire to stay in Denmark, since all of us have been there for many times to buy cheap tobacco and alcohol. SO we  drive straight to Hamburg which is about 450 km. Long story short,

Kristiansand➣ Alborg➣ Hamburg➣ Berlin➣ Munich➣ Frankfurt➣ Paris➣ Madrid➣ Barcelona➣ Millan➣ Roma➣ And back to HOME, SWEET HOME


The whole trip is going to be more than 6500 km driving which is quite long. The trip is going to be about 14 up to 21 days and we should be back to celebrate the new year. So what’s the plan when we arrive to the destination? I have no idea, I don’t want to plan when I travel, because it’s not so much fun anymore. We decide what to do when we arrive to each city. I’m going to take some photos and film a bit to share with you in the future.

Visiting these cities is going to be amazing and fun . Hamburg is known for it´s modern city and cultural centre, Berlin for the history of the first and the second world war, especially the wall of Berlin, Munich for it’s culture, such as music, museums, theatres and it’s nightlife. Then there is Frankfurt the city which is famous for skyscrapers, churches and some lovely German culture, and then you have Paris, the city of wine, fashion and mystery of love. Madrid & Barcelona, a mix of modern and history life, as you know, famous for it’s amazing football matches. Then you have Millan with tasty pizza and Roma with their old statues and buildings. The most spectacular of them all, the Roman Colosseum.

I’m sure this trip is going to give us some of the best experiences possible. It’s going to open many doors to new ideas & inspiration and at the same time it’s going to effect on how me and my friends view the world. In the end I will encourage you to take the same kind of action as me, but in your own life. If you have any questions, just contact me through Facebook or just drop a comment here. I wish you to have an amazing day.


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