7 rules of a Man

  • Character is not made of sunshine and roses. Like steel, it is forged in fire, between the hammer and the anvil.

Hello this is Achilles and this topic is 7 rules of a Man. I’m very passionate about this topic, because this topic includes my own experiences, blood and struggles that I had to go through the life to understand the way of a man on a profound level. You need to take action and experience these rules in real life to truly understand them.

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1. Live with an open Heart even if it Hurts

We are used to shut down when somebody or something hurts us especially if it´s someone  very close to us. Because of the huge amount of pain, fear takes over our body and mind, the fear of experiencing the same pain again. however, this kind of action is wrong, since shutting down will not help you, opposite that it will make you feel even worse. As a free man you should live with an open heart and accept your true emotions. At whatever point you are harmed, stand straight, take a deep breath and let the pain go through your body. Emotions will come and go simply like a wind, don’t remain in their direction, let them go.


2. Live as your father were Dead

This one is a little tricky. it does not mean that you should ignore your father or act like he does not exist. A man should love and respect his father, yet he should be free of his father expectation and criticism in order to be a free man. Because of my special relation between me and my father, lucky or unlucky I had to be my own father and deal with some difficulty in life in order to grow up and be a man. I had no one to tell me what to do or not to do. I need no longer to live up his exceptions or suffer criticism. A free man does whatever the fuck he wants, although people like it or not.


3. Never Change your mind just to please a woman

This one is important, it’s not just about you but every person you interact with, specially ladies. You should always be gentle  and listen to your/a women suggestion but then you have take it and based on your own knowledge and wisdom make a new desiccation. However, if you do whatever the women suggest you even if you feel that the another suggestion is wiser, you will weak yourself, in action you are saying that you don’t trust your inner wisdom. People around you will feel your weakness, they can sense the vibes that your are not trust worthy. It doesn’t even feel good. I remember there was a girl who I enjoyed her company very well, and in a shallow situation just to please her, I told her that I would change myself in order to fit her. Even that it didn’t work, it’s was one the worst feeling I ever had, just awful. Because I was denying my own values and weakening myself just to please a woman. So keep this rule in mind.


4. Know your ultimate life purpose

Life purpose is the most important one. Only you can tell what is your purpose, since it comes from inside out not opposite. It is important because it gives you an ability to read the compass of life. Without a life purpose you are lost. Your life feels empty and meaningless. Going to work is only a method for getting cash and feels just like a job, nothing exciting or meaningful and you couldn’t care less about it either. However, when you are online with your true life purpose, everything in your life is connected to achieve a purpose. You’re no longer wondering what to do, because you know your destination. It’s your responsibility to discover your purpose in life, nobody else, and it can take months or even years just to discover it.

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5. Be willing to change everything in your life

our life looks very complicated from inside, we just live day by day and try to get the shit done. If you zoom out a little, you see that our life is made by many layers, much the same as an onion and the center of the onion is your ultimate life purpose. You have to penetrate all these layers in order to get to the center. So what are these layers, it could be any kind of experience in life. For example If your deepest purpose is to meditate and realize God, you might find that before you can totally dedicate yourself to this practice you must work your way through the concentric circles of playing with sexual partners, using drugs, getting married, raising children, developing a career, and finally, having dissolved your fascination and need to do all of that, getting down to the business of full- time meditation. Now it’s important that you do not get trap in these layers, for example your career, if you have a great career and you earn good money of it, but you don’t feel excited anymore and it feels like you are fulfilled by your career, it means it’s time to change your career and search for a new purpose. When you discover it, you need to be enable to change your career, location or whatever it requests.


6. Be grounded

A strong man is like a mountain, big and great, unshakable, stoic. A true man has a strong sense of direction, he knows his identity, he knows his values and he recognizes what he wants from life. Nobody will be enable to shake him or throw him out of his center. It means no matter what is going on, he stays balanced, centered and aligned with his soul and higher self and he is able to control his reactive, defensive behavioural patterns of his ego and shadow consciousness and still gives his gift to the world. Being fully grounded is very vey difficult, that I can tell you.


7. Be fucking authentic

As a man, you have to be 100% authentic both with yourself and other. Authentic means being trust worthy and original and not pretending being someone else. People should be enable to count on your words and action. Being authentic make you strong, and give you a peaceful mind. A man who is not honest but a lier, has little worth in eyes of people and especially himself. Every time you lie you just weak your true self until you find yourself deep in the darkness with true misery and no morality.

That’s it, 7 rules of a Man, I hope it was helpful to you. If you apply all these rules, you will be much more satisfied in life, try it and see what happen.  And like and share this topic if you enjoyed it.

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