21-day Challenge, stay healthy!

 –  good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure

So what is the challenge? This topic  is about killing your terrible habits/activities and supplant them with great pastimes in 21 days. There is an immediate connection between your body and psyche. Anything that damages your body, it hurts your mind as well. You should always respect your body and threat it very well, with good habits, you will protect it.

Every one of us has both awful and great habits and these habits impact us on regular routine. Over the long-run bad habits lead you to laments, a hopeless life and a messed up mind and body. While great habits make you fulfilled and lead to a decent life. I chose to destroy my negative behaviour patterns and concentrate on the great ones, I hope you will do it as well.

First thing is wanting the change , the mentality. The more it makes a difference to you, then easier it will be. Your body matter to you, so does your life. I personally just don’t like the idea that when I hit 47, I’m going to be struggling with an extra fat on my body and I’m going to be so tired that I’m not going to be able to walk a flight of stairs. I’m going to be so crippled with potential diseases like heart disease and diabetes, and all this other stuff that’s out there, or cancers, that basically my life is going to be cut short. I want to extend my life as many years into the future as possible. I want to give myself the highest quality of life that I can get. For me, that’s a big one. Possibly you need to be a example case for others  around, for you family or perhaps for your childeren. It’s like you had a performance car, if you had a million dollar collectible automobile, it was the last one left on earth, would you put good fuel into it? Would you take it to a car wash once in a while? Would you put low mileage on it? Would you rotate the tires on it? Would you make sure you put in the right oil when you do an oil change? And make sure you do frequent oil changes? You would, because that’s something you see as precious, it’s valuable.

To stop a bad habit successfully, you should replace the bad habits with a good one, otherwise you will be exhausted and give up. The next point is to change your environment if it’s necessary. For instance, you can’t quite smoking while you live with two other who smoke a lot, you smell the smoke that goes through your nose and then, you give up and ask for a smoke. The same goes with the drug, alcohol and etc.  People around you effect you a lot, as a wise man said, you are the average of the five people who surround you. Be careful with the close people around yourself, do you want to be like one of them?

Here we  go, Sort out your habits. I separated mine in two groups after going carefully through them, groups A (bad habits), group B(good habits).  Now the group A is the list that I am not going to do, constantly in 21-days. On the other hand, I am going to do everything on the group B and I am not going to lose a single day. Write time and location beside the habits, if it’s necessary. Your brain is very tricky, whenever it does not feel comfortable, it going to trick you by bringing thousands of excuses. Do not get buy into it and do stay on track in 21 days.

Group A: bad habits
–  Drinking alcohol (except wine)
–  Cigarettes
–  Energy drink
–  Wasting time on internet (news, social media, games).
–  Skipping breakfast
–  Etc
Group B, good habits
–  Workout, swimming and climbing     Everyday at 18:00
–  Eating healthy,                                         Always
–  Meditation and mindfulness               Everyday at 06:00
– Taking vitamins, daily                           After breakfast
– Reading                                                       Two hours a day
– 7/8 hours sleep.                      Every night before 23:00
–  Etc

To make it easier, you can use Coach Me app. Coach me is like a to do list, you write your goals, and tick them by the end of the day, at the same time the app alert you too. It’s like a reminder and you will not lose a single day.

You can also use iStudiez to have a better overview on your plans.


I’m starting the 21-day challenge from tomorrow morning and I take it very serious. I hope you start yours and get ride of your bad habits. I will write a post about the process after I finish the challenge. See you.


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