5 life-changing books!

Did you ever want some real treasures? well here you go. I have colected 5 of the best books I have read. I highly recommend these books to you , if you have any desire to achieve more knowledge.  Let me know if you have any question, I will gladly answer you.


Meditation by Marcus Aurelius

Why is this book so Important? This book is about the private reflections of a Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher. Aurelius is pure wisdom. He will show you how to think about life, how to think about death, how to develop equanimity, and how to live with nobility and virtue, undistracted by the pressures of petty civilian life. You will learn how to master your feeling instead of being their slave. The book helps you to overcome challenges in your life. Especially when everything is falling apart and when you feel the lack of happiness and joy in life.


The way of superior man by David Deida

This is a must-read for all men, but even women. Deida talks about life purpose, how to be a man, how to understand women, the differences between masculine and feminine polarity, and much more. You must read this book to succeed with women. This book will give a sense of direction and purpose if you feel lost. The book increases your confidence in your life if you apply the principles. The knowledge that you get from this book, you will never gain in your life time.

Untitled 4.png

mastery by george Leonar

Have you ever thought about why you keep failing in life and it seems like it never ends? This book explains the critically-important concept of mastery. Learn why you keep failing so much, how mastery is developed in any field, how to set proper expectations for growth, and how to mentally prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. By this book you will understand how amateurs  become masters in any area of life like business, relationship, sports etc.


Steve Jobs by walter isaacson

This is my favourite one! The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do! The book is the biography of Steve Jobs life and about how Apple company was born. You will see how a person who was not even ment to born, change the whole world by power of a strong sense of belive. You live once, so do not waste it on petty stuffs , because if you do, you will regret as hell on the last day of your life.


It’ not about the money by Brent Kessel

A critically important book for overcoming your limiting beliefs and mindsets about money. Making money is not so much about earning cash, but about your relationship to and ways of thinking about money. The exercises in this practical book can fix all your financial inner game issues. All of us have struggled with money through our life. Change your mind about money and make money, do not let money make  you.

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